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May 14, 2018 | 0:30

Get Ready 30 Edit 02_India_OL07_NS

May 14, 2018


We’re the reason you love your smartphone.

Nothing is as indispensable to our everyday lives as the smartphone. And as a company of inventors, we’re always looking ahead to the next great innovation. From keeping your home secure to sharing your story with the world, from connecting with family to discovering the community around you, we know you love your smartphone. And all those amazing things you love about your phone were made possible by many Qualcomm® inventions.

It’s impossible to imagine a smartphone without features we made possible. 

All those things you love doing with your phone, we had a lot to do with that. Like backlit selfies that showcase our image stabilization technology. And finding the hottest restaurant on a crowded street even if you have no sense of direction—that’s the pinpoint accuracy of our position location innovations. And those gorgeous graphics, lightning-fast streaming and immersive 3D experiences? All thanks to our video streaming inventions. And all built with you in mind. In fact, our inventions are behind many of the most crucial features you use on a daily basis. 

Powerful Camera

Our image stabilization invention means no more blurry photos. And just so you can find every photo of Fido when you search your camera roll for “dog,” we developed photo recognition technology that uses machine learning to recognize and sort all those images (and we know you have a lot of them).

Enhanced Video Streaming

There’s a reason you can’t keep your eyes off your phone: our algorithms that reduce packet loss and intelligently compress images. Which is a techy way of saying, “Wow, those videos are amazing.”

Location Services

Now you can no longer claim you’re late because you got lost. We optimized the reliability and accuracy of your location by enabling the device to receive signals from multiple satellites. Which means we can keep you on track even if a satellite signal can’t reach you.

We connected the smartphone to the internet and that changed everything.

Every time you snap, shop, navigate, stream, download, store something or even just talk, you’ve got the power of Qualcomm technology to thank. Oh, and all those advancements that are coming to your car, home and community? They’re made possible by the mobile hardware, software and standards we pioneered. From 3G to LTE to Wi-Fi and beyond, Qualcomm invented many of the technologies that the world’s leading networks and devices run on—connecting new industries, services and experiences that are changing everything.


Everyone promises smarter/better/faster, but with LTE, we actually delivered. We invented the wireless standards and fundamental technologies that mobile operators rely on to meet the explosive demand in mobile data traffic. And that means you can catch up on the latest sports clips without waiting for the network to keep pace.


With all the devices connecting to all the things, we knew we had to help ease overload. So we were the first to announce end-to-end commercial support for the next-generation of Wi-Fi. What does that mean? It translates into faster delivery and longer battery life for Wi-Fi devices—whether you’re at home or on the go.


Some say the modem is the most important part of your smartphone. We couldn’t agree more. With our wireless modem inside your smartphone, you’ve got years of engineering keeping you connected to your great big world. And isn’t that why you bought that device in the first place? 

From battery life to security to voice recognition, modern phones run on a whole lot of Qualcomm.

Your smartphone does more than snap pretty pictures. It keeps your data secure, responds to the sound of your voice and knows that your fingerprint is the key to unlocking everything that matters most to you. And as our devices run larger and larger files and apps, we’ve developed battery technologies that charge your device faster and smarter without compromising battery life.

Battery life

Who wants a dead phone? Not you. Get more out of your device with our inventions that reduce overall mobile device power—so powering off is your choice, not your smartphone’s. And with our Quick Charge technology, devices charge uber fast, so you can spend even more time snapping selfies with your besties.


Passcodes are so yesterday. Now that your device is your mobile wallet, you need more than a four-digit passcode. That’s why we developed tools like secure 3D fingerprint authentication so that only you can access your data. And advanced encryption that securely transmits your data files. Our security platform even protects your device from malicious attacks. Hey, we’ve got your back.


We can all use a little help from time to time, and with your smartphone, you’re never on your own. It can find the nearest coffee shop, send a text with your voice (instead of your thumbs) and answer some of life’s deepest questions—all thanks to our voice recognition technology. It’s kind of like having a super smart friend in the palm of your hand. 

Next up: leading the world to 5G.

Invention is the driving force behind everything we do.

Designing the next big thing.

For all those inventors who have plenty of grand dreams, the Qualcomm Design in India challenge is custom built for you. Explore the opportunities the challenge provides by applying today.

Driven by invention.

Invention is at the core of everything we do. It’s our why, our how and our what. Our inventions connect people around the world. They help make life easier and safer. And by sharing our inventions with leading innovators, we inspire others to take their ideas to genius levels.