Qualcomm was built on invention, on the belief that an idea can spark a sea of change and transform the world in wonderful ways.

Progress, with purpose.

Invention is at the heart of human progress and at the heart of the mobile industry, and both are at the heart of our business.

Qualcomm inventions helped launch the mobile revolution and can be found in billions of devices around the world, from smartphones and tablets, to cameras and cars, and beyond. Today, we continue to push the boundaries of possibility, and remain relentless in our pursuit of the next big thing, to make people more connected, to make a difference in everyday life.

Co-creating the future.

We’ve made it our business to help others build amazing things. Things like the devices that connect people, places, things and ideas. Things that make life easier – and better. By setting our sights on the future and investing ahead of the mobile industry, we’re solving big challenges and propelling the ecosystem forward, faster.

Leading wireless technologies.

The roadmap for today’s—and tomorrow’s—most advanced wireless technologies was created right here. We’ve been at the forefront of mobile technology from the very beginning—and we’re just getting started.


5G will not just be a new generation, but a new kind of network that will connect new industries, enable new services, and empower new user experiences, while also bringing new levels of cost and energy efficiency. As we did in 3G and 4G, Qualcomm is leading the world to 5G.

LTE & LTE Advanced

LTE ushered in the 4G era, bringing far more capacity to networks, and super-fast speeds to consumers. And now, LTE Advanced is taking connectivity to new heights, opening up new mobile possibilities that go beyond just mobile broadband. Where will it take you?

Invention isn’t a department. It’s a culture.

We lie awake at night asking “what if?”, knowing that a big idea starts with a little question.

Qualcomm Research

The more we know about technology, the greater the ability we have to enhance it. Qualcomm Research, a division of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., has been making history for nearly three decades. The secret? Unrelenting focus on the future.

Qualcomm Technology Licencing

The power of a great idea can propel mobile to new limits. Working with companies across the globe, Qualcomm Incorporated helps to grow and strengthen the wireless industry.

Qualcomm Ventures

We have our finger on the pulse of mobile technology. By knowing where it’s been and where it’s headed we make strategic investments that can create the technologies of tomorrow.