Qualcomm® Design in India

The Shortlisted Companies - QDIC II Cycle 1

Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Bluetooth to enhance smart irrigation controller - sensor data collection, control of motors and valves and managing the controller from a smartphone.

Alexapath Private Limited

Smart accessories for microscope that makes any conventional microscope smarter - produce digital scan of slides, share it with peers, live consultation and archival of slides.

iBot Control Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Make a single board that can be used by industry and academia to build IoT apps with iBot Toolsets.

Hug Innovations LLP

A first of its kind device developer platform “Hug Gestures SDK”, that enables the integration and extension of a proprietary gesture control technology with smart devices, mobile apps and PC software.

Steradian Semiconductors Private Limited

Build a high resolution 4D radar that will enable true all-weather vision for autonomous vehicles and drones.

Tagbox Solutions Private Limited

An ultra-low power wireless platform targeted towards improving efficiency of cold storage and logistics by monitoring and controlling key health parameters like temperature, relative humidity, gas, energy, door activity, etc.

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